"NFT pass card" refers to a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) embedded in a pass card or similar physical or digital form. The significance of an NFT pass card lies in its ability to represent ownership or proof of authenticity for a specific item, service, or privilege in a unique and non-interchangeable manner.

In the context of your previous inquiry, if the NFT pass card is mentioned in relation to a platform or service, it could imply that the pass card is not just a traditional identification card but also contains an NFT, making it a digital asset with unique properties. This NFT could be linked to various functionalities such as recording points, accessing certain features, or even participating in specific activities on a blockchain-based platform.

The use of NFTs in pass cards adds a layer of security, transparency, and uniqueness to the ownership or access rights associated with the card. Each NFT pass card would have a distinct value and properties, making it a valuable and verifiable digital asset within the broader scope of blockchain technology and decentralized applications.

The WDP pass card is a kind of NFT and is also the first pass card on the WDP platform. With a WDP pass card, you can start using all dapps on this platform. WDP pass card need to be minted with $WDP tokens, and the number of the first batch is limited. When you hold the pass in your wallet, the points system will also be bound to your wallet address. When you play games or social interactions Points earned are automatically credited to your account.

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