Monetize Your Games Together on WDP Platform! Earn Commissions for Your Creations!

Exciting news for game creators! On the WDP platform, you now have the opportunity to upload and share your personally crafted games, and together, we can turn your passion into profits. Here's how it works:

Platform Features:

1. Upload Your Games: Choose to upload your games directly on the platform or share game links. After a thorough review by the WDP team, approved game creators will be rewarded with a substantial amount of $WDP tokens.

2. Rewarding Game Creators: Personal game creators will receive rewards in $WDP tokens upon successful approval by the WDP team. This serves as an incentive for creators to contribute quality games to the platform.

3. Ongoing Commissions: Once your game is live on the platform, every time a user uses $WDP tokens to play, your wallet address will receive a share of the platform's commission. This earning opportunity is perpetual, providing creators with a continuous stream of income.

4. Permanent Ownership: As a game creator, you permanently own the rights to earn commissions from your game. Your wallet address will consistently receive a portion of the commission whenever users engage with your game using $WDP tokens.

5. Monthly Token Rewards: For creators who upload multiple games of exceptional quality, the WDP team conducts monthly voting elections, rewarding substantial token prizes to stand-out contributors.

How to Get Started:

  1. Upload your games on the platform.

  2. Receive $WDP token rewards upon approval.

  3. Earn ongoing commissions for every player engagement.

  4. Permanently own the commission rights for your games.

The more high-quality games you upload, the greater your earning potential! Join us in revolutionizing the gaming industry, where your creativity is not just celebrated but also financially rewarded.

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